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S. Bryce Chamberlain
Joseph Smith

S. Bryce Chamberlain is probably best known to LDS audiences for his role as Everyman in the Church’s original World’s Fair film, Man’s Search for Happiness.

Recent roles include Lehi in the Book of Mormon Movie and Grandpa Lee, in Chris Heimerdinger’s movie Passage To Zarahemla. He has performed in 70 motion pictures and videos. He has been in hundreds of stage productions; and he is frequently called upon to perform other one-man interpretations of historically significant men such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Brigham Young, Moroni, Christopher Columbus, Johann Gutenberg and others. He retired from the faculty and administration at Brigham Young University to pursue more direct involvement in the Chamberlain family opportunities to share their experiences with Joseph and other historical characterizations.

He has served as Bishop and on the High Council as well as a wide variety of other Church assignments. He and his wife Haun enjoyed their teaching assignment at Shandong University in Jinan, China.

MORE THAN 75 FILMS and VIDEOS (Representative List)

Feature Length Motion Pictures:
Book of Mormon Movie, Vol. I, The Journey, Leading Role, Lehi. BMM
Day of Defense, Supporting Role as Father Coleman. Nu World Films
Don’t Cry Wolf, Leading Role as Matt Bradford. Teton Productions
Numbers, Two distinctly different roles, supporting and character. OWF
Passage To Zarahemla, Leading Role, Grandpa Lee. Heimerdinger Productions
Sarah’s Child, A Leading Role as the Psychiatrist. Below the Line Films
Summer of the Eagle, Supporting Role as Colonel Day. Seen by Scene Films
The Creator’s Game, Leading Role as the Evil Gregory Tate. TCG Films
The R M, Supporting Role as the Judge. HaleStorm Productions
Whisper Island, Supporting Role as the Captain. Dream Makers Films

Network TV Special Productions:
A Republic If You Can Keep It, Lead role as George Washington PBS
Day In Court, Supporting role as Defense Attorney ABC TV
Encyclopedia Brown, Character role in a film made for Cable HBO
Executioner’s Song, Supporting role as the Bishop HBO
Gerhard’s Wild Ride In America, Supporting role as Cop German TV
Jefferson At Monticello, Leading role as Thomas Jefferson PBS
President’s Child, Supporting role as a Congressman Network TV
Rescue 911, Support, as Police Officer on the Case Network TV
Son of the Morning Star, Defense Counsel for George A. Custer Network TV
Touched By An Angel, Featured roles in various episodes CBS TV
Various Disney Films, Character role in each Made for Theatrical Release & TV

Experimental, Industrial, LDS Motion Pictures etc.:
Come Follow Me, Lead as the Sunday School Teacher LDS Media
Dead West, Leading role as the Old Cowboy, Experimental Spy Hop
Love Is For The Byrds, Leading role as Tom Byrd LDS Media
Man’s Search For Happiness, Leading role, Everyman LDS Media
Marriage, Which Kind For You, Supporting role LDS Media
Of Heaven and Home, Leading role as Dave Binford LDS Media
Sage Of Freemont High, A leading role as the Grandfather TV Pilot
Three Witnesses, Supporting role, son of Martin Harris LDS Media

Variety of other Industrial, National Media and LDS Training Films
Principle Character and/or Narrator in other motion pictures & videos

Narrations, Voice-overs, Commercials, One-man Productions:
Thousands through past 50 years, National, Regional and Local Media
One-man Portrayals: featuring historically renown men, performed
worldwide: Christopher Columbus, Johann Gutenberg, George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Smith Jr., Brigham Young, Moroni & many others

On stage in over 250 theatrical productions: Utah, Idaho & California
With George C. Scott, Colleen Dewhurst, John Ireland, Victor Jory,
Harv Presnell, Loraine Day, Mike Grilikis, Gordon Jump and many others.

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To request a live one-man portrayal of Joseph, The Man/The Seer, An Evening with Brigham Young or
George Washington, God & The Birth of a Nation, please email: sbrycechamberlain@hotmail.com

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